Kruger self-drive: Doispane to Napi Road (photoblog)

Looking for an easy day trip into Kruger? I did a quick self-drive and so can you.


#HiddenGemSA on #TravelChatSA will help you to #discoverMpumalanga

Discovering new places always give me an inexplicable thrill. Doing it on Social Media, does not change the feeling at all. This #TravelChatSA community has over the past couple of months given me an extended travel wishlist. And with each weekly #TravelChatSA gathering, the list grows. I am confident that tonight’s get together will be…

Curios About Farm Stalls

My expectation of a Farm Stall is quite high. And when I hear the word Padstal / Farm Stall a scene of me stepping into a farmhouse pantry with freshly baked pastries and breads, preserves and produce, ginger beer and home-brews fills my mind’s eye. I expect the smells and sounds of food not produced…