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Social Media Strategy

To grow a Social Media presence is more than just growing the numbers on each Social Media Platform.

Effectively building a community around your brand, requires a mixture of the following four elements and can result in improved engagement, brand loyalty and innovative service offering.

A custom Planning & Strategy Profile will enable you to focus on the element that is needed to give your brand the boost to become a Social Media leader in your community.

Once a Planning & Strategy Profile is determined, implementing and maintaining this Profile will accumulate quantitative and qualitative data. The insights and analytics that will be a main feature of the Metrics Report will help monitor engagement and produce a clear vision for the future growth of your Social Media presence.

Finally it’s also important to add value to your community, not only by growing your brand reach but also by focusing on new trends and giving local insider’s tips and recommendations. Research on your specific brand’s interests will also form part of the Metrics Report.

Contact me for a custom costing estimate.

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