Sabie – Burgers, Biking, Waterfalls, Coffee Etc.

Not even a half hour away from White River, to the north, rests the quiet town of Sabie in the valley beneath an impressive mountain range.

Location Scout lazily suggested Sunday (25 October – it’s been a while between the actual event and the post, but it is still just as amazing!) morning that we should swing by White River, join up with my parents and set off to explore one of our favourite hangouts – Lone Creek Waterfall.

He usually doesn’t like to start off as late as mid-morning, but we had our first real sleep-in in ages, and to be honest,  the places are so close by you could reach a cool spot to explore quicker than ordering a pizza home delivery.

As the winding road takes us past one of the largest man-made forests in the country, my eye seeks out and find familiar spots where I photographed participants along the challenging mountain bike trails, earlier in 2015.

And then we drive along the Old Lydenburg Road, slowing the pace, rolling
down the windows and breathing deeper the earthy smell of the pine forest that is scattered across this landscape.

Old moss grown stone pillars mark the entrance as the road change to single lane and the winding and twisting increase.

Around the final bend the vista opens up suddenly and the white wall cascading down the sheer red cliff at the end of the road announce without ceremony that we have arrived.

I could stay here the whole day, but the caffeine urge is relentless and I have to obey that thirst, so we set off to the second-hand bookshop for a quick stock up on reading material (we don’t own a TV) and pop in to the delightful Coffee Etc, just to show my parents the new addition to the town.




The original plan was to introduce my parents to this ⬇.



The Sabie Brewing Company Beer-Tasting Platter and the scrumptious Beef Burger with Pickle, Lettuce and Tomato.

But when the owner Helen Goss of Coffee Etc came to introduce herself to the snap-happy coffee-deprived-crazy-eyed person and her posse (FYI that’s me and the FAM), her bakes and treats had me hooked the moment she lifted the lids to give me a closer view.


It’s a near wonder that I did not drool on all those seductive sugars.

It took Location Scout only one look at me, by that time foaming around the mouth, to make a quick change in plans and we settled in for a slice of this:



How to get there:
Take the R537 from White River to Sabie. Turn left onto the R536. Keep to your right at the three way stop (Trichardt St). You’ll find Coffee Etc in the building on the corner of Trichardt St and 6th Ave.


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