#MeetSouthAfrica with Instagram Account Roundup #2

Witklip Dam

Okay, so last week saw the start of my new #friday feature here – #recommendyou #recommendme

A huge shoutout to @halfandhalve who joined in and shared their favourite Instagram accounts on last week’s post.

And by doing so, I met some of the most amazing young talent that South Africa has on IG and was also reminded of a shared favourite visionary.

Just some of the suggestions that immediately resonated with me were: @alxethelion and @moography

I am so looking forward to share this week’s #recommended accounts with you, but first here is how it works:

» I will post my latest 5 FOLLOWER accounts that recently joined my IG network and gets me all excited to go out and shoot some more pics.
» And list the most recent 5 FOLLOWING accounts that I started to follow the past week because of their #artofvisuals and #creativeminds.

How can you join in? If you’ve been tagged in this week’s post,  give a shoutout to your favourite followers and followings (from 1 up to 5 accounts) in the comments section on my Instagram account post using the same format as above.

I’ll check out your #recommended accounts SO keep a look out to see if your favourite will feature in next week’s post.

Top 5 FOLLOWERS: (in no particular order)


Can’t wait to hear your favourite accounts. Enjoy your #weekendfun and remember to tag #igersmp if you #goexplore and #discoverMpumalanga this weekend.


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