Searching for the best Play Space for children of the Lowveld

The past 10 months have seen me explore the spaces around the Lowveld.


My posts consisted of venues and places that came across my daily wanderings and evoked questions inside myself about my surrounding area. Most of those questions were about the photographic qualities that I could mine from those locations. And I struck gold at each turn.


Now a new question has been prodding me. And not at the back of my mind either. More like the back of my arm. You see it’s not my question but that of Sprite (my daughter aged seven).

And it got me thinking: Where can I find a safe space with grass where parents with kids can come to play and just hang out?

That might seem strange at first.

“What about your backyard?” you might ask. A very relevant and valid question. To answer this I need to take you on a little bit of our life journey. Those personal & scary tales you’d only share with friends. So I’ll be kind to you and spare you the details and just spring the short version for now:

November 2009 – Moved to Robertson, Western Cape
May 2010 – Moved back to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga
June 2010 – Got a great job in White River, Mpumalanga
October 2010 – Moved to a complex
January 2012 – Bought in a different complex.

We have been happily staying in the same space for the past 3 years, with the only snag being the lack of space to grow our own free range chick… I mean child.

So, this will be my mission, in between the daily discoveries and freelance writing and photography work that I am doing I’ll do some prodding of my own.

And hopefully by summer vacation the awesome list of play spaces in the Lowveld will be available.

If you know of any space, place or face I can visit, leave me some breadcrumbs in the comments section below and help me on my Hanzel-and-Grethel adventure to find a play space to call home.


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  1. brennabalessmith says:

    Howdy! A few of my favorite spots to share with you are Sabie Valley Coffee, an awesome spot for kids and adults alike and Induna Adventures just across the road, a buzzing energy zone full of fun adventure for all ages! So many great spots out this end of the Lowveld. Heading up Sabie way, pop into Sabie Brewery (not for kids but very cool for adults) and then pop into the lesser known Bridal Viel Falls (turn off just near the Sabie Bridge), another really lovely spot!! Take your camera! No shortage of places and spaces to discover – some to secret to reveal 😉 …but with enough adventuring up this neck of the woods, (hint: take a drive out toward Blyde River) there is no doubt you will find them… Happy wondering from one nomad to another! 🙂 enjoy the journey. Looking forward to the posts!


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