My thoughts on being interviewed by The Touristin


Trying to process the emotions when the elegant Dorothee Lefering of the German blog The Touristin contacted me to be interviewed for her blog in a special section called Eyewitness Mpumalanga, South Africa. Maryke Wasserman of Papierazzi –, took me so long nearly a month passed before I was able to formulate the feelings into words.

Elation, angst, elation, quietude. I’m still not 100 percent sure what to make of this. Seeing that Sprite is still into animated movies (so am I) the best visual cue that I can give you is the way Rapunzel – in Tangled – act just after leaving the tower for the first time. Running, Sitting, Rocking.

Okay, so that is very dramatic, and it maybe only played out that way in my head, but nonetheless that was the way it felt to me.

And now the weeks have passed, another interview made its way to my door and I’ve met new people and done so many new things. Finally, I have had time to reflect a bit.

It still is a big thing for me, but now I realise truly why I was elated. It’s not about being noticed (it is nice though to know there is someone reading and even possibly enjoying my ramblings – so remember to comment and let me know you are there and what you’d like to read about next), or expanding my social reach.

I’ve made a new friend. THAT’S AMAZING! Because I have not given her a handshake or offered her a cup of tea or shared my home with her. But I have come to know a little bit about her through the questions that she posed to me and the post that she wrote.

So if you are open to the idea of making a new friend, head on over to Dorothee’s blog The Touristin and start your friendship by introducing yourself in one of the comment sections.

She loves South Africa about with the same passion that I have for #Mpumalanga (maybe even more), and is always keen to hear about hidden gems and responsible tourism initiatives.


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