Prepping for Ashburton Investments MTN National MTB Series #2 at Sabie – 22 February 2015

Guest Blogger: Barry Wasserman

We can’t wait for the half marathon tomorrow. We have lots to do and twitter is abuzz with the happenings of the Ultra Marathon and Full Marathon today (21 February ).

Silverback Vida Hybrid Pre-race prepping

Team Papierazzi will have three riders tomorrow.

First is my good friend Tian Basson aka T-man the racing snake (an 800m Athlete with Olympic potential and a very, very fit person).

Second is my other In-law/outlaw brother, Stanley Roos (Former owner of The Aardvark Pub in London, Microsoft Certified Master and Swimmer of the English Channel – True story).

The third rider is me (a guy – Full story).

Silverback sunset

Today I have to get *Frankenbike race ready and fit the action cam (Just for the record: I’m not going to lose my lungs on a race again without been there, done that proof) and pack all our equipment for the early drive to Sabie. This is the first real chance to test the Sony Action Cam. I could not get the GoPro because it says “Pro” right there in the name. I can’t live a lie.

Lots of thought has gone into the placement of the camera. The traditional steering mount loses the perception of speed as you lose the context of the bike. I’ve opted for a place on the top tube that won’t hamper a dismount. We’ll see how it goes.

Another job is to do something about the frayed edges of my cables. I might amputate some legs or give a fellow rider the gift that keeps on giving – Tetanus.

Again I am going to try and keep all race nutrition as natural as possible. Dried fruit and water with the occasional granola will be my preferred choices. I will focus on plant power and ignore Tim Noakes’ fatty advice thanks to Forks over Knives. Forks over Knives was a movie (Tim Noakes’ info was stuck in a book).  Time is precious.

A few days ago SaSeeding sent my batching info and I will be spending some time in the starting shute (banana time). I am certified batch F material. F! It is high school math all over again. At least T-man will be staring in batch G due to some registration tardiness.

Will you be joining us? Share your race nutrition tips in the comments (unless you are a cannibal).

*Frankenbike – My Silverback Vida 1 made from many parts from many places by my bike guru brother (Albert).
As Igor says, “What goes around, comes around. “


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