2015 Momentum Health Oatwell Dual-Cross Series at Hakahana Trails

GUEST BLOGGER: Barry Wasserman

Fear and excitement are playing tug of war with my intestines. Three types of fear come into play.

Fear #1: We are on our way to Gauteng
Yes,  I fear Gauteng. For a rural countryman from Mpumalanga, Gauteng represents a big dark creeping thing, that might or might not send you safely home.


Fear #2: My legitimate fear of the unknown
We are going to visit Gauteng to take part in my first Duathlon, the 2015 Momentum Health Oatwell Dual-Cross Series at Hakahana Trails. This is the most Hawaiian-sounding #mtb trail in South Africa. Apart from a couple of 5km Parkruns and two Mountain Biking events, I’ve done nothing like this. Ever.

Fear #3: The fear of being embarrassed
I don’t know what to wear. I’m not sure about transition zone etiquette. And to make things worse, I’ve just learned that some world-class, former Olympian, four times X-Terra World Championship holder, and probably a Medal of Honor recipient will be taking part. I’m sure he knows what to wear too.
I feel like Chuck Norris at the Oscars. I’ve got a feeling I just might not win anything, but I still wanna kick some…

My younger brother and sister will be joining me, adding semi-friendly sibling rivalry to the mix. I knew I wasn’t the best in the country,  but now it is totally possible that I might not be the best in my family.

The countdown to facing my fears has started. {Yes, for this Sub Vet, it’s The Final Countdown}


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