#TravelChatSA gives rise to #gotmyjam campaign


About two weeks ago I shared a post about a notable midweek event {#TravelChatSA} that have become the highlight of my week since my introduction to it in August 2014.

A member of the #TravelChatSA community and co-host of the #FarmstallsSA chat, @WiseWally, had a most amazing idea while we were discussing the fruits of our own valleys.
In short, he proposed to send me one of his local farm stalls’ jams and on receipt I had to post a pic to Twitter with the hash tag #gotmyjam and #TravelChatSA. His account of how the idea for #gotmyjam got started and how it unfolded is very entertaining, and well worth a read.

Thereafter I could choose a worthy recipient from the #TravelChatSA community {as all of them fell into that category I did the next best thing. I closed my eyes and used the @Travelogx selfie of the #FarmstallsSA chat to do a blind point and choose}.

And so, the next recipient has been chosen and soon another jam would have traveled the length of our beautiful country.

White River     to     Cape Town

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  1. mzansigirl says:

    Gotta love social media! #gotmyjam

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, I’ve “met” so many wonderful people since starting this twittersphere and blogosphere journey.


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