Join us for #TravelChatSA 08 October 2014 talking #FarmStallsSA

I am so looking forward to this week’s #TravelChatSA on Twitter where #FarmStallsSA will be under the microscope. I almost did a jumping jack (still trying to get into the jogging thing) when the invite arrived to co-host this weeks’ chat as Curious about Farm Stalls was the topic of my last post.  Farm Stalls are the manna to get us through difficult journeys and the quails to remind us of the good trips traveled.

To share great tips and treats from your favorite stalls join  #TravelChatSA, it is the place to be.

Questions for this weeks’ Chat are listed below or as always weekly chat details and questions are available on the Travel Opulent Box website under #TravelChatSA

Join me @Papierazzi on twitter Wednesday 08th October 2014 7:00PM SAST for #TravelChatSA #FarmStallsSA with hosts & co-hosts below

Host: @travelopulent & @TravelChatSA

Co-Hosts: @WiseWally, @diBrown5, @RoxanneReidSA, @UrbanWalkerCT, @papierazzi, @bestcaapetownSA


1. Q1: What is a farmstall and is it popular in South Africa. Why? Why not? via @TravelOpulent #TravelChatSA (19h00)

2. Q2: What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever found on a farmstall’s shelves? Share a Pic @RoxanneReidSA #TravelChatSA (19h15)

3. Q3: Do you prefer to buy directly from farmers? Why? Share a story of your local farmer! via @bestcapetownSA #TravelChatSA (19h30)

4. Q4: What are the benefits of eating FarmToTable? Share a picture. via @bestcapetownSA #TravelChatSA (19h45)

BONUS Question: Bonus Q5: Tell us which farmstall is your favorite, where it is? Share a pic. via @WiseWally #TravelChatSA (19h55)

What is it?

#TravelChatSA is a Twitter Chat with a different South African topic discussed weekly, it is were like minded individuals from South Africa and the twittersphere chat about South Africa  its “beauty, experiences, discoveries, people”.


Wednesdays 7:00 PM SAST


1 hour

What to Expect ?

Questions are posted every 15 minutes by one of the co-hosts, with a bonus question near the end of the chat which results in an hour jam packed full of answers, feedback and images to inspire and entice all things related to Wellness, Health and Spa travel & tourism in South Africa, we will be using the #FarmStallsSA and #TravelChatSA hashtags in our chat.

For more details about joining #TravelChatSA and weekly questions go to Travel Opulent Box

Image Credit : @travelopulent Travel Opulent Box


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