Marketing and Branding

Building resilient brands

“Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.” – Angela Duckworth

The Future of Brands

In the current economic state of the corona crisis, companies are searching for new ways to connect with customers through marketing. But what do customers actually want?

People are looking for happiness.

And yet, even though there is more access to information on how to experience happiness, people are spending more time and money to achieve this illusive desire. How is it possible for people not to reach the outcome they so desperately want?

New scientific and psychological studies show that pursuing happiness results in a much lower rate of long-term satisfaction. So if looking for pleasant moments and feeling good is not eternally satisfying, then could it be possible to look for a way of life where doing good and getting the best out of yourself, in other words living a meaningful life is the new way to feel enriched, even inspired?

Within a meaningful life, people focus on living in a way that actually matters.

Why is this crucial insight so important for your business marketing model?

A company name describes the business/service/product that you have to offer – it serves the purpose of marking something or somebody.

A brand adds meaning.

The question then is: How do my brand add meaning to peoples’ lives?

This big question is the driving force in how I can help your company so that new customers find your brand among your competitors’ names and you make a lasting impression and build a strong community-centered relationship with existing customers.

Discover Our Values

Actions rooted in Old-world Values

The 3 “Ps” of Papierazzi


To live with compassion towards all human beings is my purpose in life.


By doing something that honours my beliefs while giving something back to my community.


People before things. Actively searching out kindness as life experience, by focusing on relationships (equally important in my spiritual life, personal life, and work life).


Social Media Marketing Management

R2 200 pm

Google My Business Management

R699 pm

Content Writing, and Editing

R1 250 pm

Corporate Brand Photography

R2 000 (3 hr shoot)

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